There are so many benefits to buying a farm and settling down to communicate with Mother Nature and there is absolutely nothing wrong in owning one of those farm homes with tons of character, in the middle of a quaint town or rural area.

True it is that these days, you could practically do most of your shopping online with Amazon or even using the computer to book a dentist appointment, there is much to be said for still being able to step out of your home and take a stroll through your neighborhood on the way to the corner supermarket. If you presently live in one of those cookie cutter homes with postage sized yards, you would probably agree that there is much to be said for living in a small town/community atmosphere.

Believe it or not, a community atmosphere can exist almost anywhere; even in a large city. Make a concerted effort to promote the small business economy in your local area. The small man so to speak; neighborhood supermarkets, the local electronics store, and so on. For those of you presently house hunting, you will probably find yourself living in neighborhoods that are very community minded.

There is much to be said for the promotion of your local economy. You not only help small businesses in your area to flourish, you also help to keep the money within your local community so to speak. It is very tempting to after some those attractive imports but nothing beats being able to step outside your door and buy fresh produce; right from the ground! This is what many rural property properties owners are presently enjoying.

There are so many ways to help support your local community. Not just only through buying local but also by setting up your business in your local area and catering to local consumption. By giving preference to your local businesses instead of traveling out of town to another arena in another city and by selling your products and services to local consumers.

It is all possible if only we know how to do it and where to start and there is much to be said for helping out our neighbors. The small business economy is here to stay and it is all up to us to help it flourish and prosper.

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