Some people are so into gardening that whenever they are in the market to buy real estate and are looking at all the available homes for sale they limit their options by thinking that a condo is out of the question. Condos don't have big backyards like houses do, so gardeners make sure to focus their attention towards properties with yards or green spaces where a garden is possible.

While we can't argue that condos don't have backyards we can argue that living in one can provide a gardener with a chance for unique gardening. Maybe not at the same level they're accustomed to but they can still garden from a balcony patio floors up from the ground. How? Container gardening.

Example of what a container garden may look like

There are certain plants you can grow in containers that make living in a condo a feasible option for gardeners. You get to live the condo lifestyle but also continue gardening. It's kind of a win-win situation. If you're a gardener shopping for real estate and would be willing to living in a highrise and take up container gardening the one thing you have to make sure of when looking at units for sale is that you find a condo with a patio.

Your patio will be your new backyard garden that you can use to keep your container plants in that require fresh and sunlight.

There are also some advantages to container gardening that might make it even more appealing to you:
-less chance of your plants getting soil-borne disease.
-don't have to worry about weed problems.
-container gardening gives you more control over temperature, sunlight and moisture.

Not only do you get to keep gardening if you decide to take up residence in a condominium, but you also get a few advantages that normal backyard gardening doesn't provide. How could you say no to that? Of course you don't have to actually move into a condo if you don't want to. We're just saying that you don't have to necessarily shop exclusively for houses. Condos do provide a chance to garden and while at the same time not leaving you with the responsibility of mowing the lawn or shoveling the snow..

Just think about it before you make a decision and good luck in your search for a new home and your new garden.

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