There are lots of interesting things that happen to a woman's mind and body as she goes through a pregnancy. One of those that has become famous for being a little bit odd is the cravings that she can have. We have all heard about the women who will eat things like ice cream and pickles or those who can't get enough of spicy food for a few months. Pregnancy cravings are something that happens in about fifty percent of pregnancies and there are many theories about what they mean.

Some believe that you should pay close attention to the sort of cravings that you have because they could mean that you are deficient on something that you need to stay healthy during your pregnancy. If you find that you're busy and all of a sudden feel like you need to have some chocolate then you could be low on magnesium, for example. A craving for red meat might mean that you need to start adding more protein to your diet now that you're eating for two.

Others dispute this and say that there is no evidence that there is a link between what the mother or baby needs and what pregnant women are looking for when they come home from work or are done on fitness equipment. Researchers will tell you that there is no reason to ignore a craving though. If you find that you want something that you know is not good for you then there are many healthier alternatives that might do the trick. If you're craving something really sugary and are worried about the consequences then you can just have a little bit or choose something like fruit instead.

When you're pregnant you have enough on your mind without worrying too much about everything that you're eating and why. If you're still working in event rentals Burlington based or taking care of other kids at home then you might be able to help yourself out by keeping those foods that you're wanting all the time well stocked in your home and at work. Some people change their cravings throughout their pregnancy while others will stay on one thing for several months. And then you might never want to see it in your home again once you're pregnancy is over.

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