There is a long list of things that the Earth could not survive without and one of the things that is close to the top of that list is plants. They provide us with air and many creatures, from those living in the rainforest to those some of us have as part of their daily diet. If you're interested in plants then you might want to consider a career as a horticulturist. They are responsible for studying the science of plants, both how to best cultivate them and how to spread them throughout the world. They have many different tasks within this job description.

You might think that if you want to work on creating and distributing plant populations that the right job for you would be to be a farmer. But, there is a lot of science that goes into finding the best environment for each plant species and knowing how to grow things the most efficiently. So, before you start looking at large plots of land, you might want to consider if you are someone who is better at the science side of things with microscopes and equations or whether you're best working with your hands. These two professions work together to build the best plants.

When you're growing plants as a farmer, the majority of them are going to be for distribution into the world. You might run a small farm that feeds people in the area or a large corporation that provides produce for everyone. A horticulturist is all about creating experiments that can seek to solve every problem from working with damp soil to pest and disease control. They experiment with different varieties of plants and work on projects like finding ways to fuse different species together.

Those who want to be a doctor have the choice of going into everything from orthotic medicine to being a naturopathic healer (example) and there are choices when it comes to a career as a horticulturist as well. Some people get out of the lab and work with architects creating everything from huge parks in major cities to the outdoor landscape of new commercial area. Others work in the mining industry helping with issues related to land degradation. If you're passionate about plants and the earth that it grows in then there is certainly a strain of this industry that is right for you. You might start be getting training working with grape plants as part of a vineyard and then fall in love with the thought of creating a new species of rose or orchid. The possibilities are almost endless with so many different plants throughout the world. Look at careers in horticulture. Of course if you would like to work with people that have been hurt in an accident or at the workplace, you could look in to employment as a injury lawyer in Mississauga as an example. Help those who are unable to help themselves.

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