More and more schools these days are encouraging parents to pack a litterless lunch for their kids to bring to school with them and there are many reasons why providing your kids with a green friendly and waste-free school lunch is a very good initiative! The most important reason though, and the one that should make you aware of why litterless lunches are a must, revolves around the amount of waste most school lunches produce.

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Did you know that during the course of a school year the average school lunch produces 67 pounds of waste? That's a lot, right? Take that number and multiply it by an average class size of 25 children and you're looking at 1,625 pounds of waste being produced by just one person! Then think of how many classes there probably are in the world and you're looking at a lot of waste!

Now that you know exactly how much waste just one child can produce on their own you now know why it's important that, as a parent, you must help them to reduce the waste they are producing at school from their lunch alone. The good news is that litterless lunches are easy and don't take any effort whatsoever, which means you can get started right away in making sure your kids don't create any more garbage.

So, what do you need for a litterless lunch that your son or daughter can take with them from your home to school? First thing they need is a reusable lunch bag and preferably one made out of recycled materials. Once you get the lunch bag picked out you can move onto what will go inside the lunch bag. Lunch and snack containers, also made out of recycled materials and reusable, are the first things that should be packed in the lunch bag.

The containers can be used to hold sandwiches, soup, crackers, granola bars or fruit and veggies and can be returned home to be washed and re-used for the next day. You can choose from plastic or stainless steel containers and even jazz things up by letting your kids pick out containers with print art designs. Cloth napkins, reusable drink containers, reusable sandwich wrappers, and reusable cutlery will round out the perfect litterless lunch bag. If you want to set an example you can also bring your own litterless lunch with you to your job to show to your kids just how important it is to reduce waste. Hopefully they'll understand and will even think it's cool to have a reusable lunch bag and all the goodies that come with it.

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