There are so many diets on the market that seek to help you become thinner or healthier and a few good ones that actually do both. Some are meant for those busy doing everything from raising children to working full-time, while others are for families to adopt. Few of them think about the health of the environment around us. This is where the 100-mile diet comes in. This was a concept that was thought up by a Vancouver man named J.B. MacKinnon living with his partner Alisa Smith. The two of them adopted this diet for a year and wrote about it in their bestselling book, The 100-Mile Diet: A Year of Local Eating.

The purpose of the diet is more about promoting buying local rather than as a way of improving your overall health. Though, you will usually find that you are eating more natural and healthy selections. If you're living in North America than you likely don't have access to sugar, for one. Living on the West Coast, much of the original couple's diet consisted of seafood as well as chicken, vegetables, roots and corn. They began in March on the first day of spring and continued for the year.

In the book, the couple stuck to their hundred-mile radius when cooking for themselves but allowed cheats when they had meals prepared for them by friends and family or when they were eating out for business. They would also try different things when visiting places outside of the community but would try to stick to the same radius. If you're living at home you might be surprised with how many meal possibilities there are for those on this eating plan. You might also find that you find it hard to live without some of the imported staples in your life. is made possible through donations by CleanTek Water Solutions - manufacturer of screens for wastewater.

The One Hundred Mile Diet book sparked a moment that even included a special on the Food Network. This was called the 100-Mile Challenge and was produced by the writers of the book. It challenged people to adopt the same eating plan for one hundred days. The rights were picked up to air a similar show in Britain and one in the United States. This sparked a movement that is inspiring people in many different countries around the world.

If you're interested, there are ways to live on a 100-mile diet. The book authors were not wealthy and needed to always budget their food purchases.

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